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    MBP 15" USB Port/LED Cinema Display/Flash Content Issues
    I have a MBP 15" with a LED Cinema Display connected, both being a year old. Suddenly it seems that Flash content (youtube, online video, Pandora, etc) doesn't play correctly when the display is connected to one of the MBP USB ports. Content is fine when I disconnect the display's USB plug or have it connected to the other MBP's USB port.

    When this issue occurs, Flash content will either not play sound at all but will run video, or the video will stall after a few seconds with no sound. If the play button is pressed, content will play for a few seconds, then stop, but without sound. Or it will freeze completely.

    Flash content works fine as long as the display isn't connected to the affected USB port. As soon as it is, sound stops and video playback may stop. Then when the display is disconnected from that port, sound resumes through the MBP, and sometimes video also, although a different play point may have to be chosen or the page may have to be reloaded. Plugging and unplugging the display into the good port doesn't affect Flash playback.

    Other programs and content aren't affected. iTunes and quicktime work without any problems.

    The affected USB port seems to run other peripherals fine. The hub on the back of the display seems to be working also, as well as the iSight camera.

    I tried various restarts and shutdowns, as well as a PRAM and SMC restart. I also ran USB Prober to check for odd errors but couldn't find anything obvious. (I do have the logs available if anyone would like to see them.)

    I'd like to get the affected USB port working again, even though everything works with one of the MBP's ports. And if the remaining port has this problem too, then at least I'll know how to fix it or I'll have a really nice display that I won't be able to use online.

    *I've also had an issue where the display's sound may end up sounding garbled after being on for a long period of time, usually waking up after sleeping. Unplugging then reconnecting the display's USB fixes this. I've had that issue for about six months, but it's intermittent. Does anyone know why this occurs and if it's the display or the MBP causing the problem?

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    That sounds like something Apple should look at for you. I suspect a hardware failure.

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