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Thread: Macbook Pro Processor Upgrade

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    Macbook Pro Processor Upgrade
    Hey guys,
    Im new to the mac scene. I just got my 13inch macbook pro for Christmas and absolutely love it! It has 4gb of ram and the next level up HD. I do a lot of photo, video and music stuff so It's great for me. I learned not too long after I got it that it was probably best for me to wait, since rumors are the i5 processor is going to wind up in these. Can I just buy one and install it as an upgrade? I have a little experience with this kind of stuff that I learned in school but have never installed a processor. What does it involve and is it even possible for me to replace the current one with the i5?

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    You can't replace it. It's soldered to the logic board and would be extremely difficult to remove with damaging the pins. Even then it wouldn't be surprising if the pin configuration of the i5 is different from that of the existing processor, in which case you wouldn't be able to make it work anyways.

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    OK thanks. I havent even opened this up so I dont know much about it. Looks like I'll be spending my money on maxing out the RAM lol These can use up to 8gb's right?

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    Yes, 8 gb of ram is the max.
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