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    Half of MacbookPro 17" screen white
    A while ago i replaced the front bezel and the back plate of my MacbookPro 17" 2.33GHZ. Everything went fine, except over time slowly but surely, the lower half of the screen started to flicker. I figured it was a faulty LVDS cable, so i bought a new one and just installed it. The machine turns on and works, its just the lower half of the screen is now white at startup and if i hit the display from the side it corrects itself. Only if i move the screen a little, it goes back white. ANY IDEAS? I am so lost.

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    I have no idea, but am interested in this thread, as I will be replacing my monitor this week and want to be aware of obstacles and solutions.

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    It could be something in the actual LCD. I had a similar problem with my old macbook air which could be corrected by holding the screen correctly. I repaired it by replacing the LCD and it worked fine. I would check the connectors first though.

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