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Thread: TopCase dead keys?

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    Question TopCase dead keys?
    I bought a second hand Mac on eBay form Germany with a few fualty keys.

    • Arrow Right
    • Arrow Up
    • Arrow Down
    • Backspace
    • the letter ' I " can not create a capital " I " with the shift key. but if I have CapsLock on, when I type " I " it types a capital I.

    I have asked two friends with Mac's (since this is my first Mac) what can be the problem.

    One said its the Motherboard that doesnt work, the other said its te TopCase.
    Every other key works, the screen, CD/DVD works so I concluded that its not the motherboard that has a problem, but it the topcase..

    Since the keyboard layout is in German (QWERTZ) i figured i might as well buy a topcase.

    My Question's are:
    Is it really the topcase that is causing the few listed keys above not to work?
    How can I tell what Topcase i need to order (most likely will shop for it on ebay) >> Do need my Mac model number? (and where do i find my Mac Model number)

    All i know its 13inches, 250gb HDD, 4GB RAM and seems to work perfect except for the keys!

    thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure why you think you need a top case? It would be better to just purchase a keyboard from eBay for your machine and change out the entire keyboard assembly.

    You can find out how to change out the keyboard assembly here. As far as your year model number is concerned, just click on the Apple menu, and then click on "About This Mac", then click on "More Info".


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    Oh snap!
    i just realized exactly what a "topcase" is! my mistake.....

    but do the Macbook keyboard come with the circuit board also??... cuz remember i have a few dead keys

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