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    Unhappy 4GB Ram supported... or not!?
    Hello everyone,
    sorry to start participating to this forum with a request for help.
    This is what I have, according to Crucial detect tool:
    MacBook 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (13-inch DDR3) MB467LL/A Specifications

    It's a Generation 6 unibody aluminum Macbook.
    I bought it with 2 GB of RAM included. I wanted to expand it by bringing it to 4GB, meaning I had to remove both the original 1GB sodimms I had and to buy 2x2GB pieces.
    I bought 2 of these:
    They reflect the exact configuration requested on my macbook.

    I know it's probably an unknown brand but after installing them I had them recognized and perfectly functioning. That's when problems started arising.
    I suffered frequent kernel panics once the ram started filling up, so I tried to check the ram with numerous tests in memtest64+ and Apple hardware thorough test. (Un)expectedly they all went well with no issues or problems reported. I tried an empirical test by removing a dimm at a time and by trying them on both slots. Again... they worked perfectly with just 2GB installed, not causing any panic under heavy stress and load (thing which resulted in immediate crash with 4GB installed).
    The funny thing is, when I start my mac on bootcamp (windows 7 x64) they work ok, even under heavy pressure and overheating: i.e. demanding videogames.
    It's frustrating to have never had any BSOD on windows and numerous freezes on mac os!!!
    By the way, I have 10.6.2. I bought the new ram recently so I've never tested it on different configurations.
    I would like to know if this is a weird hardware failure or a software one, or a mix of both maybe. It surely is disappointing when you start experiencing an unstable mac! It used to be the apple of my eye

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    It must be some incompatibility with the RAM. I personally have never used PNY stuff, except for their thumb drives. Try switching it with another brand to see if the problem persists.
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    I got mine from Never had a problem, even under extremely heavy loads.

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    Take out the memory as it sure sounds like it is not Mac compatible and check out the precise specs from OWC as they are Mac specialists.

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