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    Audio output options
    My son's mac book has stopped playing any audio output at all (it was ok yesterday). When you go into system preferences and check the sound settings, the only option that appears is "Digital Out - Built in output"

    What happened to the internal speakers, and how do I get them back?

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    Is there a red light that's shining from the headphone output jack? If there is, the jack is "stuck" in digital output mode. That shuts off the internal speakers.

    Try using a toothpick to wiggle around in the jack opening. Be careful not to break it off inside the jack. Or you can use the male jack tip of a set of headphones to push in and out to see if you can release the jack.

    Sometimes the above method works, sometimes it does not. If it won't work no matter what you do, the machine may have to be brought in to Apple for repair.


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