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Thread: Replacement of the original system disks

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    Replacement of the original system disks
    I need a copy of the original initialization disk that came with my MBP.

    I bought the computer used, and I didn't get any CD or DVDs with it.

    It was running Tiger when I got it, so I assume the original has Mac OS 10.4 Tiger. I do not want Tiger - I've bought and upgraded to Leopard & Snow Leopard without problems.

    I am not trying to do anything illegal or underhanded. I just need the Apple Hardware Test program that was included with those original disks. The Apple web site has the AHT for the old PPC systems, but not the Intel systems. I'm not having system problems now - but I'd like to be prepared in case something happens.

    This is a MacBook Pro 1,1.

    I've looked a little on Bittorrent, but no one has posted the disks.

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    Call Apple and ask for a set of replacement discs.

    We have had members report anything from free to $20 over the last year or so.
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