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    Apple store or futureshop (canada)
    i wanna buy a macbook but i dont know whether to get it from the apple store or futureshop.
    they are both exactly the same price however the differnce is the warranty. Apple has applecare and futureshop have their own warranty.
    Futureshop's warranty covers power surges which apple's doesn't.
    So i'm trying to decide where to get it from, What do you think?

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    If the prices are the same, then the only deciding factor becomes the warranty. As you probably know, Apple Care does not cover things like accidental spills, accidents with the machine, and so forth.

    If Futureshop there in Canada has a better (more extensive and generous) warranty for the same cost as Apple Care, then go for it. But before you do, request a written copy of their warranty terms and read it carefully.


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    I think you will find Future shop to be more expensive, their warranty starts the day you buy the machine so you actually end up with two warranties for the first year one is free one you pay for.

    Good luck with whatever you choose

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