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    Question Just purchased 500GB 7400rpm harddrive now what??
    Hey Guys,

    Good Morning TGIF

    Anyways I just bought a 500gb Hard Drive at 7400 rpm for my MacBook right now I have a 160GB and I have 90 GB Free...I know 90GB is still alot but just wanted that extra space just in case. Now my main concern is since I got Super Duper on my MacBook how does this work. When I install my new Hard Drive do I have to do a clean install and then install Super Duper and use it to restore. Will it restore my applications or you prefer to install everything manually again all my programs one by one ughh I have a sh*t load of applications...In Super Duper I used the Disk Image feature to make an image file as a backup then Im guessing I would burn it...How would this work all your help would be greatly appreciated I really wanna get my HD up and running today

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    Connect the new hard disk to your computer using something like a USB to SATA adapter or enclosure. This is an example: - VANTEC CB-ISATAU2 SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter - Adapters & Gender Changers

    Then use SuperDuper to backup your old drive to the new one. Once that's done, you'll have a clone of the disk. Install the new disk and you're up and running.
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    I read somewhere in this forum to do a fresh install of SL on the new drive and then use a time machine backup to restore. I guess with SuperDuper you wouldn't have to perform the SL install.

    I am also about to purchase a new HDD for my macbook pro. Haven't figured out how I will import everything from old drive to new.

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    Get a USB enclosure & cable that will hold the 2.5" notebook disk.
    Open the MB - remove the old drive and mount it in the USB enclosure.
    Mount the new HD in the MB and close it up.
    Power up the system - it should find the USB system disk and boot.

    You must format the new drive before you use it. Use the "Disk Utilities" app and make a new partition on the new HD. Make sure you choose "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" and check the <OPTION> button - make sure you have "GUID Partition Table" checked.

    Run SuperDuper and "copy" the old (now external) HD to the new internal HD.
    It takes about 2 to 3 hours.
    Once you are done, shutdown and unplug the external HD.
    Power the system up.
    It should be exactly like it was before, except almost 350GB free.

    Keep the old HD around for a couple of weeks to make sure everything is okay. Then reformat it and use it as a spare.

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