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Thread: Is there a hardcore temp app that allows complete fan control (override)

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    Is there a hardcore temp app that allows complete fan control (override)
    In another post I was discussing an issue I'm having where I have a bad temp sensor that is part of the logicboard on an older macbook pro. While I'm looking for cheap refurbished boards and possibly repair of my existing logic board, it got me wondering if there is software that someone has created that lets me have TOTAL control of the fan speed. I know it would be dangerous, but I could be pretty diligent about keeping an eye on things and it 'seems' like even though one of the temp sensors is broken (one near the HD), the sensor does still seem to record temperatures to istat menu temp gauges, so it's possible just the relay to the fan part of the sensor is broken. This means as long as I watch temp gauges on cpu, etc. I can manually bump up temps using whatever software I get.

    I'd need something more hardcore than smcFancontrol since for safety reasons they make sure factory defaults always kick in meaning I don't have full fan control.

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    None that I know of. Besides, with a defective temperature sensor, even the most sophisticated software would have no means of controlling the fan speeds.

    Your best bet is as I suggested in our other thread: Repair the logic board or get one that's been refurbished if you can afford to do so. A new one would probably be too expensive to consider.

    Good luck with the repair.


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    temp app
    YES. I finally found this one after a faulty sensor caused my iMac to ramp my fans to maximum 24/7.

    only detractor is that they have not yet added profile capabilities. However it is the only app that you can set the fans to a set speed which overrides the errors that you mention. I also have another app running that tells me the accurate temperature so I can monitor it until they add profiles to the app.

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    Nice. Thanks for posting it and too bad it wasn't available three years ago when this thread was active.

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