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    am I supposed to get anything when I buy applecare?
    I ordered it with my mbp, but I never got a box or any paperwork for it. Should I have been expecting it or is it just in their system that my mac has it?

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    Apple care usually comes with a box that just has some papers in it. Basically useless. The last time I bought Apple Care, the store was out of the boxes. I asked if I needed it for any reason and was told 'No." They told me that my Apple Care purchase was already registered online with Apple, that the product (Mac Mini in my case) serial number, etc. was already entered. They told my that my receipt showing the Apple Care purchase was all I needed by way of proof should any controversy arise. So, as long as you've got your receipt showing you bought the Apple Care, you should be OK.

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    Go to the Apple website and enter your serial number to see if it says your under AppleCare.

    Just because it says you purchased it on your receipt doesn't mean you/they actually activated it.
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    You're also entitled to a CD with diagnostic tools. This comes with the boxed sets. If you order and register over the phone, the CD will be mailed to you in an envelope (no box.)

    If your system is registered, you can also download and burn the CD from Apple's site.

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