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    Data moved(then auto arranged) in office Excel 2008
    Hi, I'll try to explain, not very good english sorry.

    I had a recent problem with an internal customer wich is having a situation with an excel datasheet(he has a MacBook), cust said he sent the file.xlsx to a partner to modify some columns right in this file (partner's using a PC), everything ok until parner sent back file to him it shows N/A in many columns, sent file to my account and I openned it with no problem at all . 5 minutes after opening-closing same file everything get normal again in Mac Book the worst part is that I looked totally bad using the classic"this is due to a system error normally or SW failiure, bla bla bla" of course he swallowed it complete.

    żIs there a reasonable explanation for this kind of xtrange situations? żIs it a compatibility problem possible?

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    It sounds like an incompatibility. This will occur when an Office file is in one format (using the XML format) and then modified and saved in a different format. (Office 97 - Office 2003) Office files should always be modified and saved in the same format, especially when using between OS X and Windows.


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