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Thread: spec it up before or after purchase?

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    Jan 14, 2010
    spec it up before or after purchase?
    just wondering if i should go for the 4gb ram upgrade when buying a MBP or to wait untill i get it and buy it for cheaper elsewhere

    its 180 euro for the upgrade at the apple store but only 90euro when bought with the mackbook pro?

    also the hard drive upgrade from 160 to 250 GB is priced at 45 euro when bought with the macbook pro but i cant seem to find them sold seperate on the apple store

    is it cheaper to buy this now instead of upgrading later on?

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    Don't know about prices across the "pond", but in the U.S. it is cheaper to buy from a 3rd party seller online when it comes to HDD and RAM. Both are fairly straightforward to swap out on your own. Look at online retailers for those items and see how prices compare to what you're seeing in the Apple Store.

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    any links?


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    Check out and
    Use the reputation system

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    I've had great experiences with Crucial for getting RAM. They are helpful and supply great RAM. I'm in the UK and there is a crucial UK site, don't know where you are, but it's worth checking to find your nearest Crucial. It's SO much cheaper than Apple and I believe just as good.

    As for other hardware like drives etc, I usually use CCL Online in the UK. They are cheap, reliable and have a good range of stock.

    Good luck with your hunting!

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