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    Jan 12, 2010
    Exclamation Just purchased SuperDuper!!
    Hey Guys,

    I just purchased SuperDuper seems pretty much straight forward and simple to use. I am going to create a disk image file using it. Once I create the file and all, I was thinking tomorrow to go purchase a bigger hard drive with a faster rpm I currently got 5400 rpm and wanna go to 7400 rpm will I notice a difference in speed and also once I get the new hard drive what is it that I will have to do will SuperDuper preserve all my data and I would not need to reinstall anything

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    U will notice the difference if the enclosure includes Firewire 800, that and a 7200 HD give you quick Superduper backups on a Mac. Read the info on SuperDuper and do a bootable back up of all Files the first time then next use Smart Update. Sandbox is good if you are loading heaps of 3rd Party software and want quick protection from lockups.

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    Thanks for all your help... much appreciated!!!

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    Just purchased a SuperDuper!
    You will notice a speed increase. I have a 2.4 GHz 2 GB C2D Black MacBook and a 2.0 GB Core Duo, 2 GB 2006 iMac. The MB has a 5400 RPM HDD while the iMac has a 7200 RPM HDD (both are 250 GB). Even hough the iMac has a slower processor, it runs faster than the MacBook! I admit the difference is slight, but it is faster in the iMac.

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    congrats on buying SuperDuper! I too purchased it and schedule weekly backups, great program.

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    The only "advantage" to buying SuperDuper is the scheduling. Otherwise, you get 100% functionality.

    SuperDuper (free) gets you the bare metal recovery and combined with Time Machine or Crashplan (both free) gives you point in time and versioning.

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