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    Question Ughhh mannn if its not one thing its another.....
    Ughhh...Sorry to bother you guys...anyways I had my notebook in my car for about 45 min in temp around 30-35 degrees while I was driving and not driving for about 10 minutes. When I just got home I went to turn my computer on and for some reason after pressing the power button it took longer than usual to boot for the screen to come on it was black....After it booted and I shutdown again and restart it was all good booting normal...Is this normal from time to time : / lol Please lemme know so I can sleep today I think Im going crazy with the notebook.

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    The notebook was probably too cold to operate and needed to heat up before working.

    There are operating temps somewhere on Apple's site.

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    Trueeee....Thats trueee thats what it prob was even tho the computer wasnt mainly cold the screen was somewhat and the aluminum was......I always have my computer in 2 cases the incase pouch (interior fur) and the incase carrying case with fur so it must keep it somewhat warm...

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