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Thread: Has this happened to anyone before? Re: (Charging MacBook)

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    Question Has this happened to anyone before? Re: (Charging MacBook)
    Hmm... Not sure if maybe it's bug or something but I had my MacBook on and I just plugged it in the charge and usually the led light on charger starts up as green then in few seconds goes to organe....this time it was off and after couple seconds it went orange...I unplugged charger and put it back in eletric and back in mac and it was all good green and then orange should I worry ???lol or I'm worrying myself to much...

    Thanks guys and have a good night hopefully I can get answer before I go to sleep so I can sleep like a baby lol

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    I think this is normal behavior (if I am reading this right).

    No need to worry...

    If you start to have charging problems such as...

    Not charging at all, MacBook blowing up... Then you have a problem.

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    Joey, have a read of this and bookmark this one just in case you need it later, then sleep well.

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    Happens to my chargers all the time. Nothing to worry about!

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