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    Shopping for a new macbook

    Recently my son spilt his drink on my macbook 13inch (Early 08 model) and is completely stuffed, spoke to insurance and it is insured for AUD $1500 and my excess is $50, WOOT!!!! Accidental insurance FTW!

    So now I'm on the market I don't want to buy brand new from apple store Australia as compared to other Apple Stores (Canada & US) since Australia Apple charge excessively.

    The basic Macbooks cost about AUD $1080 in the states compared to our $1300 so I want to try and save where I can.

    My question is if I buy from overseas, UK/USA/Canada is there any differences to Macs between countries?

    Also if there is no difference if you know of any online stores that you can recommend please do so, obviously right now I'm trying to look at ebay and amazon.

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    In Canada, they offer a French Canadian Keyboard. But other than that there would be no real difference I have seen.

    Best deal I usually see is to just go refurbished. And buy direct from apple, there refurbished store, is on the main site, sometimes kinda hard to find but - usually 20-30% Savings.

    Product will be brand new visually in every way, and full warranted as if new.

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    Check out the refurbished macs on also has some good deals sometimes. There will be no difference in the macbooks from the U.S and Australia so you are smart trying to save a little cash.
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