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    I stepped on my macbook pro
    The other night I got out of bed and stepped all my weight on my macbook pro 13inch. It still works but when the screen is totally black theres a discoloration about 3inches across the screen and about a half in wide. I believe it's where I put all my weight right below the space bar on the unibody. I was looking on ebay for a screen as my macbook is not under warranty I plan to replace the screen myself. Here's an example of what I found on ebay
    NEW APPLE MACBOOK PRO 13.3" LED UNIBODY SCREEN LP133WX2 on (item 110480407084 end time 14-Jan-10 23:52:50 EST)

    would this be what I need to replace? I know it seems like I dumb question, of course I need to replace the screen, but I just wasnt sure if theres another component that may be affected. I'm new to this forum so Im not sure if the email notify you when someone has responded to your thread so if thats not the case please feel free to email me if you have any insight.


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