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    Angry August 2009 13" Macbook Pro Unibody -- constant hiccups since Snow Leop?
    I bought this MacBook Pro back in August 2009 replacing a stolen laptop. I cannot recall since upgrading to Snow Leopard in late August whether or not these spikes started but constantly in the system I am getting hiccups lately. Examples:

    Firefox will more casually than not stall for a few moments every once in a while or when I am opening and closing tabs if I do 'too many' it begins doing the same thing.

    Sometimes I go to click my Apple icon in the top left of the desktop and it takes a few seconds to even go.

    I have the one with 2g ram, 160gig HD. This should be good enough to run on it's own without getting this hiccups.

    Has anyone had similar problems and if so, what did you do? I don't know if I should fresh install or what, I feel like it isn't necessary.

    I also have turned off the dashboard to try to loosen up some processes and even with it off it still does this.

    I have tried repairing disk permissions, etc. many times.

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    Was the MBP new or used? and how did u move your data onto the new MBP? Did u upgrade SL over Leopard or do a fresh install?

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    Usually a fresh install will solve these problems. I generally like to do a fresh install when I upgrade as it seems to make my machine run faster.
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    Well I upgraded SL over 10.5.x because I figured it would work fine.

    Also it was brand new when I bought it, so I am covered until August 2010

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