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    Question Help Hooking MacBook (white) to Sanyo DP19648 HDTV
    I have the regular 13.3'' white MacBook. I am trying to use my 19'' Sanyo DP19648 as a monitor.

    Right now my setup is as follows:

    MacBook --> Mini DVI to DVI-D --> DVI-D to HD15 adapter --> VGA Cable --> Sanyo

    After messing around for several days and still staring in confusion at "No Signal" floating around the HDTV's screen, I did some research. Since the tv only has a VGA input (no HDMI), I can't just plug DVI-D into it because that's sending a digital signal to something that only takes analog, right? I'm not sure what I should do right now. DVI-D,A,I confuses me so much. I usually consider myself pretty tech-savvy, but I can't figure these cables out for the life of me. Could someone please tell me the proper setup to get my MacBook's desktop on my VGA-only Sanyo? Please, please don't tell me that it's impossible.

    First time poster, btw, and I appreciate any and all help!!

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    You need an adapter cable like this one. LINK You'll also to attach that to a regular VGA cable to plug into your TV.

    Edit: Here's another, less expensive. LINK


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    I can't believe I overlooked that when I was initially buying the cables. Thanks so much!

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