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    MacBook Late 2008 Calabrate Battery??
    I just got new battery from apple for my MacBook 2008 aluminum for some reason after 10 cycles my health dropped to 99% is this normal should I worry and go ahead get another one from old battery had 40 cycles and it went shotttt would jump from 10% to 90% and back to 0% and battery wouldn't last as long my brother got same MacBook and he has 45 cycles with 100% health how can this be I just killed my battery from 100% to 0% and now I'm just wondering to know if it matters to wait 5hrs before plugging it in or I can do it after few minutess I was reading with calabration u should wait five hours

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    I wouldn't sweat the difference between 99 and 100%

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    No problem thanks...when you calabrate your battery do you have to wait five hours before plugging it in??

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    As George says don't sweat the % but as you have a new battery you might want to reset the SMC and i would certainly do a calibration on a regular cycle as per this.

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    Hi guys, I'm facing the same problem too. From 10 cycles 98% and after reading the forum, I tried resetting the SMC and it's now 12 cycles 92%. Why is that so? Is my battery having any problem? I'm abit paranoid as my previous battery health for my old macbook pro really sucks to the max.

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