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    Any word on price drops on DDR3 ram?

    I got the unibody macbook pro and I would love to upgrade to 8 gigs but the prices out there right now are extremely high! Any word on if ddr3 ram is coming down in price? I talked to the sales rep at my local computer shop and he said ddr3 is not common and not produced in mass quantities which means it most likely won't come down in price. Is he correct?

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    It actually use to be 20 dollars cheaper. I remember it hovering around 80 dollars for 4GB.

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    Yeah, the price of memory sticks has actually went up. As I read, a large memory stick board maker went bankrupt. I remember getting my 4gb for $73 shipped, now it's a bit more. However, I don't think the price difference, or even if a lower price point was introduced, should hold you off from buying it as soon as possible...the prices aren't going to change drastically any time soon.

    As for the salesman's comment, he seems like an idiot to me! It is produced in mass quantities. If they don't use ddr3, what are they going to use? DDR2?? That's dated technology which is being milked like crazy, who's end is long over due!

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    The price of ddr3 ram has actually gone up as others have mentioned. The prices should stay pretty much the same for a while so I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry. What exactly do you need 8gb of ram for?
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    I don't know where any of you are getting your info but I have screen caps from OWC showing a decrease in RAM since I bought my iMac in July and wanted to upgrade to 8gb.

    When I checked in July, OWC wanted over $800. In September they wanted $520 and currently they want $460. Doesn't sound like the price is increasing to me.

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    Both DDR2 and DDR3 memory prices have increased quite dramatically, by about 40% in the last three months or so. For example DDR2 PC24200 went from $59.00 for 2x2 GB modules to currently just on $100 for the same amount, and that is from OWC.

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