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    Angry Need Help! HD/OS issues
    My MacBook keeps freezing in sleep mode and at random times. It has to be manually shut-off and Upon restart it prompts me saying I need to restart the computer (diff language screen). When I manually shut off again it reloads to the grey screen with apple logo. I can again manually shut it off and have proceeded to run disk untilities and hard drive scans for issues using the applecare and OS X start up disks (holding D and C etc) every time it has checked the system it reports not hardware or software issues and if i restart it then it will work fine as long as the disks are in the drive, but eventually it freezes up and the whole process must be started over. I had this issue similar before and my computer/HD was replaced by Apple, but previously i was never able to actually use the computer after the problem initially started. any suggestions?

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