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Thread: photos from camera onto mac

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    photos from camera onto mac
    Can you transfer photos from a digital camera onto a mac through a usb cable ?

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    If you have iPhoto open and then plug in the camera, iPhoto will recognize the camera and then display all photos that it hasn't imported from your camera. You can select them all or select which ones you want and then import into iPhoto. I've never just opened the camera as a separate storage disk and dragged/dropped into Finder. But it probably would work. Don't see why not.

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    Yup you can either use iPhoto like the other poster mentioned, or you can just drag and drop from the cam into finder. Another option is to use image capture and transfer them through there.
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    You do not say what OS you are on but as i recall from Tiger onwards you can run Image Capture (Applications Folder) and select which App you want to open by default when you connect the camera. You have to have camera connected to set up Image Capture - well you do in Snow Leopard.

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