(Tech Specs - 17" G4 Powerbook, Model - A1085, 1.5ghz, 1GB, Bus - 167 MHz)

Hi, my laptop screen stopped functioning properly. The destop would flick off and be replaced by some strange interference pattern (lines, trippy colours etc) To start with I just queezed the screen on the left side near the top and it went back to normal for several hours or all day. Then the next week it decided to stay on the weird interference pattern all day, the only remedy being if I squeezed the screen in on the left side CONSTANTLY !! (this gave me a sore hand). Long and short of it is I am now having to use a PC and that is an extremely dirty experience.

Anyway, I could get the laptop screen professionally repaired or try to salvage a screen on ebay but i think it is likely to be some kind of loose connection or some problem with the wiring. Would anyone have any advice on this problem ? Maybe its something I could repair with a small part ?