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    Question MacBook Air Question
    Hi All, Recently i baught a MacBook Air and im having trouble with the kernal_task problem. I cant bearly do anything. I like in Sri Lanka so the temparature is quite high over here. I was wondering if you can install Vista without the Mac OS. Im not a fan of Apple's OS , i baught this for the stylish looks.

    After pressing the option key at the start and when i run the Vista installer is is posssible to remove all the partitions and install vista Only?

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Mac Book Air, Dont install Windows

    yes you can , But i think you dont have much experience with Mac Os. its far better Operating System than windows .
    MacBook Air is suitable for the Persion who travel a lot. becoz it is light weight machine.
    if you want more help so study mac os . go to

    go to this link
    Apple - Mac

    have look on video tutorials .
    i was working in the Mac Technical Field in Sri Lanka. if you need more assistance contact me

    i am happy to help ( no cost)

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