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    Macbook won't turn on.
    As the title states my macbook wont turn on. When I press the power button theres no noise and no image on the screen. I have followed all the steps on apple's website on troubleshooting macbooks that wont turn on. This began after I opened my macbook however this was not the first time i have opened it. After i put it back together i noticed it wouldnt turn on so i thought i might've unplugged something however everything seems to be fine. I don't believe it is the logic board, well I hope not, so im wondering if theres anything else it could be.

    P.S. Before this it was having problems reading dvds and cds and would not eject. Dont know if it has to do with this but who knows.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Could you fix the problem already?
    Hi buddy, I kinda have the same problem. I just opened my Macbook, not the first time I do, this time to upgrade the RAM and also to check the Multidrive which had trouble reading any disc for several weeks. I upgraded the RAM and cleaned the CD lens. It worked all fine for several days with the new RAM and the DVD multi drive. Actually I kept it open and working for a few days and there was no problem. One day suddenly it didn't turn on. After a few tries of unplugging and plugging the adapter to the power socket and taking off and on the battery, i could make it work. I had to turn it off one day, so I did, and it just didn't turn on anymore. There is no fan sound, no hard drive sound, no front light. just nothing. When i get my ear close to the motherboard while it is connected to the power source, it just sounds like a very dim, nearly unperceivable little tic sound.

    Please if you managed to fix your problem let me know. Thanks a lot for any help or information you can give me.


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    As a guess and in desperation i would try resetting the SMC mainly because it is the only thing left in my bag of tricks.

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