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    Parallels doesn't work on Snow Leopard. Can I switch it to Bootcamp?
    So I have parallels on my mac. I'm not all that fond of it because it makes my computer lag quite a bit.

    So I put snow leopard on my mac and now it tells me that my version of parallels doesn't work with Snow Leopard. I'm kind of sick of parallels anyway. Is there any way I can transport the parallels hard disc onto Boot Camp and use boot camp instead? I don't have the XP discs anymore and I don't want to find them from somebody again. I think I'd just rather run bootcamp. Tell me if this can be done.

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    If you wish to run Windows from a Boot Camp partition instead of using Parallels, you still need a legal eligible copy of Windows. Are you prepared to purchase a copy of XP?


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    I was wondering about switching, too. I just bought a MBP and Parallels 5 and a copy of Windows7 Pro. There are only 2 things I need to run on Windows- MTU Hoster and a dedicated Q2 server on occasion. Not having much luck with either using Parallels- MTU Hoster is laggy and Q2 doesn't show up on the LAN- maybe it's not assigning a port 39210 the way it does in native Windows?

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