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    Angry Timing Out Constantly
    I have a new MacBook Pro. It started out okay and I have had it a couple months but recently have been having constant issues with webpages taking forever to load and many times they time out and I get either "page not found" or "failed to load page". I took it in to the Apple Store and the worker there tested out a couple things and everything came back normal. He did the ping test and all pages loaded fine with no packet loss. He taught me how to do it at home.

    I tried it when I got home and had some packet loss. Then I tried it again when I was getting more and more "failed to load page" messages and got 100% packet loss.

    So my question is how do I find out if the issue lies with my DSL, ISP, or router? I have a Desktop computer and another laptop (both Windows) and they load fine. Something about this Mac is not accepting loading pages all the time. I am at my wits end. So frustrating. It is getting really old to constantly hit refresh to try to get a page to load.

    Like I said the worker at Apple could find nothing wrong with my laptop and pages loaded fine at the Apple store.

    This happens in both Safari and Firefox.

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    You're in the wrong forum but let's try to see what we can do to answer your problem....

    It sounds like it might be a DNS issue. For some reason, DNS issues seem to be much more prevalent with OS X than Windows. Wish I knew why...

    Anyway, let's try this:

    Open System Preferences, Network. Make sure Airport is highlighted. Now click on the Advanced button at the bottom right. Click on the "DNS" tab.

    Where it says "DNS Servers", click on the + at the bottom. Now enter these two DNS addresses: and (you'll need to click the + a second time)

    Disregard the DNS address that's already there and is grayed out. That would be the address of your router. You can ignore it.

    Now click on OK. Navigate your way back to the desktop.

    Restart your router and reboot your Mac. Let's see what happens. You may have to go into the router itself and reset the DNS if this doesn't work.

    Let us know.


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    Thanks. It didn't make a difference. Still doing the same thing.

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