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    Macbook broken/cracked keyboard - Apple known problem
    I have recently have had problems with 2yr old Apple MacBook. The corners of the keypad area have worn away and snapped off due to the bumpers on the screen. Last night they completely came away causing scratches down my right hand. To my frustration I searched on how much it would cost to replace the keyboard, after searching through the official discussion board it was evident this was a common problem and something Apple are fully aware of.

    A majority of the customers (in the USA) had their keyboards replaced FREE of charge by Apple who admitted to the design fault (even if the warranty had ran out like myself). However, other users said Apple had stopped this service.

    I am going to the StormFront (Apple retail) store today to discuss this issue and obviously haggle a replacement (shaking my scratched arm in their faces at a last resort). But if the worst comes to the worse and they point blank refuse this offer where do I legally stand?

    All of your input would be gratefully received. And I shall keep you all up-to-date


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    I had exactly the same problem and so did my dad with our macbooks. Its to do with the magnets in the lid. However since this is a fault of the product itself they should repair it free of charge. Make sure you take in some sort of receipt to prove its yours but legally they have to repair it since its a fault of the product even after the warranties expired.

    If they refuse to replace it and you get no where in an argument it always helps to suggest going to the press about it. Personally I have a press card for my job and somehow show it to them, like opening your wallet to get out the receipt. It does work.

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    I was watching a movie today around 12:15 p.m., and suddenly looked on the right side of track pad where palm rests that the skin had broken and was about to come off. It made me feel so depressed. I am so mad at Apple. They charge us so much for their products and this is their quality. Even the skin on the top of left side of screen has cracked. What's going on? I just called Apple technical support and they booked me an appointment at genius bar and gave me a case no for the replacement. I wish all goes well.

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