I have an old school macbook, it works fine for anything i need it for. Mainly i watch movies before i go to sleep, hardly use the internet or anything else but i do ocassionally. Need to upgrade the OS but thats another post

so my problem is that you know the charger when you plug it in if its not fully charged the light on the power cord comes on yellow then when its charged it changes to green?

Well the other day i plugged it in and NO colors are coming on. The status bar says charging BUT when you unplug it the battery on the screen is red and says between 30-1 hour even if it is plugged in for a few hours.

I dont know what caused this, right now i am draining the battery and am going to plug the charger in and if it turns it on i guess there is just something faulty i will have to deal with but have any of you guys experienced this?

Hi from Pa by the way

just went downstairs and it was dead. plugged the charger in and the screen popped back up like it was saving power, so as soon as i unplugged the charger the screen went dead again, so i guess so i will keep it plugged and see if it holds a charge after charging for a few hours but i am still baffled as to whyu it would do this....