Everything seems dark and the proper colours show with the Dashboard up. Also the correct colours are used at the login screen. After that the screen gets darker and it's as though the brightness or white point has changed. Sometimes it fixes itself and works fine for ages even through going into standby and back. However, if I shutdown or restart it goes back to being very dark again.

I have tried adjusting the brightness and playing with the settings for the display. Usually I would just get by and when watching vids in quicktime or DVDs I would adjust the brightness in the player. However, this doesn't work with qucktime 7 as the apple+K video settings are no longer available to me as they were on my previous version. After searching the net for similar occurrences I haven't really found much.

So if anyone else knows what is going on or who I could ask about this I'd be most grateful.

Frustratedly yours,