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    the fans are driving me crazy
    Hi all,

    I have a C2D 2.16 macbook pro I received as a replacement machine and the fans on it are making me nuts. This thing LOVES running with them at full tilt and as far as I can tell it is not related to the CPU temperature. I'm at a loss here. I've tried resetting the SMC and zapping the PRAM which did nothing. I was thinking it must be overheating and installed and configured Coolbook and while that does seem to keep it running cooler, the fans are still nuts.

    As I type this the CPU temp is at 56 and the fans are running at 6,000 RPM. For the past hour the CPU temp has been 50-60. The fans were running at 2,000 RPM about 10 minutes ago with the CPU temp at 59. The fans come on and stay on anywhere from 10-30 minutes without any noticeable change in temperature provoking it. I can leave it on the desk, with nothing running, and the fans will still ramp up to 6,000 RPM at least once or twice an hour.

    Any clues? I mean, if I saw the temperature climb up and the fans ramped up, it would make sense. But I cannot figure out why the fans will run full tilt when everything is at the same temperature as when they run slowly. Side note, the fans NEVER go below 2,000 RPM. Reading around it seems like most people frequently have fans run below 2,000 RPM and only get up to 3,000-4,000 when a heavy task is happening.

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    dont try to figure it out, get it replaced. i know the fan will come on because of the screen saver!! thats nuts, if my GF use yoville the thing heats up and the ramps up to 6000 rpm, so she uses the ibm note book. i like my MB but this is very troubling..

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    Have you checked in Activity Monitor (All Processes) to see which program is hogging the CPU?

    Canon Print Manager is a known offender; and one of my websites is another.

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