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    Got a New LCD monitor for my macbook pro and need help
    Hey I just got a 23'' LCD monitor for my 13'' macbook pro.. The monitor is an LG M237WD. I decided to buy an hdmi cable and the minidisplay port connector for hdmi to hook it up. I'm really not pleased with the way it looks through hdmi, it's only connecting through 1680x1050... I borrowed a friend of mine's VGA cord and connector and that looks ok, its runs 1920x1080. But I'm really not happy with either of them, both connections are just too blurry. Does anyone have any advice? I was wondering if I get a dvi cord if it will look less blurry. Thanks

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    Does the picture seem to be darker than what is on the screen of your MBP? That's the problem I'm having when connecting my MBP to my HDTV via VGA.

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    no not really darker, just really blurry compared to the screen of the mbp

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    First question: Have you had your MBP hooked up to any other external monitor before ?

    Are you mirroring your display ?

    Are you using it in clam shell mode ?

    Have you gone into display preferences and chosen "detect displays"

    I'm just trying to trouble shoot with you. I'll soon be doing this as well, since we just got a new 32" HDTV that I want to hook one of the MacBook Pro's up to for streaming Netflix and Hulu.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ddelsol View Post
    no not really darker, just really blurry compared to the screen of the mbp
    What is the native resolution of the LG? Look in your manual.

    The best picture quality is always going to be at the native resolution of the external monitor. If you've setup your MBP properly to detect the LG and are using at least a DVI cable (with proper adapter from your MBP) you should be able to achieve a clear picture on the LG.

    See if you can exchange the HDMI cable for a DVI cable. You don't need HDMI anyway since it's only a monitor not a TV. Sometimes a VGA cable will work OK, sometimes not. My Samsung monitor looks great with either VGA or DVI and will display its native resolution (1680 x 1050) but not all monitors are able to do so.


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