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    installing a new internal hard drive
    I just purchased a new internal drive for my Macbook and I would rather just install it myself than pay someone. I was wondering if I could simply use time machine to back my computer up on an external drive, swap out the internal drive, then simply fetch the back up on the new drive. Is it that simple? I just want to make sure I can do this before I do it and lose all my info. Thank you anyone that can help.

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    If i had to do that then i would do a bootable back of your current HD with SuperDuper, swap your new drive in and then connect Ext HD with bootable back up, power on hold option key and boot of Ext HD then use SD to restore to the new HD.

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    I would do something very similar to Collin above there, it's really easy to do, cloning your drive takes time, but that does itself. Actually fitting the drive takes about 15 minutes.

    I found this tutorial really useful:

    YouTube - How to clone and upgrade your hard drive - Super Duper

    In fact that guy has done quite a few and they are all pretty good - I'm a visual learner, so watching someone do it really helped.

    Good luck

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