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Thread: Battery Problem

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    Battery Problem
    A while ago my battery broke or blew up what ever you want to call it. Finally I got around to buying a new one and replacing it. I bought it of off e-bay ofcourse. It's the same exact battery except for the color it's in black, but specifications is all the same. I can see that this battery is brand new that I got, from a valued seller and so on.

    The problem is, I just put it in to my mac, and trying to charge it, but it's not charging, can it be something else and not the battery?

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    If your battery blew up, then yes. It could be something else as I'm *almost* certain that blowing up could involve damaging items around the item that exploded.

    Take a look at the battery compartment without the battery in and see if you can see any residue, anything that looks odd (marks etc.)

    Also, could you give us some more information on the manufacturer and model of the battery you bought?

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    well i don't know if blew up would be the best word for it, since i don't see any burned marks or smell of that sort.

    this is a A1185 model batter 10.8v 55wh for my intel macbook, got it back in 2007 i believe. It's still in good condition, the macbook that is, even though it went through iraq and back.

    pretty much the history of it is, it's working one day, the next it's not working at

    i still use the macbook from it's powersuply, but that's the only way i can use it

    also, the battery indicator is showing there's no battery at all

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    Really doesn't sound like a batt problem. Batteries don't usually just stop working over night. It's more of a wind down. What your saying happened sounds like a hardware problem to me. I would suggest taking it to an apple store for a good once over.

    Hope this helps

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    yah, talked to some of my buddies who have macs, they told me the samething, it's probably not the battery but something internal, just hope it doesn't cost me a pretty penny, but all hopes not lost i still can use it from the power supply

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