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    How to access a dead iBook's hard drive???
    So I fried my ol' trusty iBook G4 yesterday...the dog knocked over my beer, and guess where it landed?

    I tried my best to disassemble, clean, and dry out anything that got wet in there, but no luck getting it to work again. It powers up, but doesn't work. Attached is a picture of the screen I'm getting.

    I already bought a new MacBook pro, so I am by no means trying to resurrect the old iBook. However, I would like to be able to pull files off the hard drive, which I'm confident is still functional...I'm guessing that it's just the main logic board that got destroyed and the drive itself may still be OK. I tried booting the iBook in target mode on two other machines and neither of them can see it. Short of buying a doner iBook and swapping out the hard drives, is there any hope here? Any ideas?

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