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Thread: "battery charged" - not true

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    "battery charged" - not true
    Hi all here's a confusion. My battery info says it's charged but lasts less than a minute. it's pretty old and would probably easily be solved with a new battery but i don't want to buy a new battery and find out it's some other problem. any thoughts? there's clearly a problem with the accuracy of the readouts. 700 cycles and 100% battery health - in my dreams.

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    You dont say what Version OS you are running but have you tried to calibrate the battery as a last resort. Sounds like its on its way out but here is a link to 10.4 calibration. If it doesnt help just googl " Apple calibrating your Macbook model" battery...


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    You have a battery with 65 Amp Hours (65,304mAh) of capacity! The battery in my car doesn't have that mush power. Wow.

    BTW: The battery is toast. Get a new battery.

    BTW2: CoconuBattery lies. It gives you a rough guideline, but don't get your panties in a knot when your new 5500mAh battery says it only has 5340 or 5227mAh. Use it for trend analysis and you'll be okay.

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