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Thread: Macbook won't read dvd

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    Macbook won't read dvd
    Hi I'm new to the site and couldn't find any threads that addressed this. I have a store bought DVD that won't play in my DVD player. It's a region 1 DVD. I tried repairing the permissions and that didn't work. I tried a few other disks and all of them worked. The DVD worked in a DVD player, but I'm about to travel and don't have the money to get a new dvd or portable dvd player. Anything else I could try before I throw it away?

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    have you tried using the mac built in dvd player?

    If not you can find it in your application folder called "dvd player".

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    I would go with VLC

    Open source media player and will play just about any video/audio codec there is out there. IMO great app to have
    There description of it
    VLC Media plays all video formats and also supports MPEG streaming.

    This free VLC Media Player is a cross-platform multimedia player which supports MPEG and DivX streaming video as well as all major audio and video formats. In addition, VLC Media Player offers the ability for users to watch the relevant movie while it is being downloaded. Available for all relevant platforms such as Windows (XP and Vista), Linux, MacOS X -- and even BeOS and Zaurus!
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    viamaris -- if you mean that the DVD just plain isn't recognized at all -- that is, an icon doesn't appear, the SuperDrive spits it out, etc. -- it turns out there are some pretty funky problems with the SuperDrives on a lot of Macs -- including iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros. I had similar problems that literally putting a Memorex cleaner disc in the drive fifteen times solved...check out this thread on the Apple site:

    Drive won't read any dvd-ejects it automatically after spinning some time

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    Thanks Dauber, i didn't know exactly how to describe it. Thanks for yalls help.

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