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    Unhappy Macbook won't recognize GPS device
    Hey guys I have a unibody 15" macbook pro and it doesn't seem to recognize my new Garmin GPS device. I don't think it's the USB port itself...because it does recognize my android phone when I plug it in. I went to the "about mac" thing at the top and it doesn't see it anywhere. That's the extent I've looked because I don't know where else to go. I thought it was just supposed to automatically recognize it...

    Also I was wondering if there were any cool things...anything random...that I should know or download for my mac...mostly in terms of performance or those little nuances or cool things that I wouldn't know since I've had it less than a year; so I'm not brand new...but new enough...this part is really just for the heck of it...I'm really wanting to figure out this garmin thing.


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    I'm kinda confused on why you are hooking it up. Do you need to download something for the GPS? And look on the GPS box or manufacturers website and see if it is OSX compatiable

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    Well I'm driving across the country and there is a down-loadable program you can use to make waypoints and plan your trip out all on it. Also I would like to see if there are any map updates available. It's not really a big deal I can live without it...I'm just one of those guys who like to update everything if it's possible...why not eh? I don't see anything specifically that says it works w/ mac but I downloaded like 3 programs for the gps...all for mac only...and you can't get them onto your device w/ out hooking it up so I'm thinking it SHOULD be.

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    Also anybody ever heard this?

    Do you want the application "" to accept incoming network connections?

    Clicking deny may limit the application's behavior. This setting can be changed in the firewall pane of Security preferences (you can then click on allow/deny) I know it's a completely random question there it is.

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    get the garmin poi uploader form the garmin website as for i tunes ive never seen or heard of that

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