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    Can I use an older battery in a newer laptop?
    Due to my irresponsibility, I fried the battery that came with my white Apple Notebook (serial number W88300C10P4.) The battery wouldn't hold charge at all, and I needed to leave my computer plugged in at all times to use it. I bought a new battery with the same specs as the old one (serial number 9G8280HDEWY0B). I installed the new battery, and it worked for all of five minutes. I started the computer and then plugged it in. As soon as the adapter was plugged into my computer, it shut down.

    Confused as to whether the problem was my computer or the new battery, I asked my roommate, who also has an older black Apple Notebook (serial number W87370PMZ60), to try the battery in his computer. It worked, and he was able to charge the battery fully. It's working fine in his computer. Just out of curiosity, I tried his battery (serial number 9G7350179YRUA) in my computer. It's working perfectly, and has been functioning normally. The cycle count reads 392, and the condition status says good.

    Obviously, we were both happy with this arrangement. My computer is working fine and my roommate has a new battery. My question is to whether this is going to harm either of our computers since the are different models? Both are working normally now, but I know batteries can be very touchy.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    (P.S. This is my first ever post, so I'm sorry if I forgot any info. Please let me know if I need to include any more information.)

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    For a while i used a new battery when mobile and an older one that held charge poorly while at home on charge. Some time later i noticed the charge cycle seemed prolonged and finally ended up with video issue and new logic board. NOW i do not know if they are related - but as the battery has a chip and Laptop the SMC i wonder if i confused a simple machine. Now i would look at resetting the SMC when replacing a battery with a new one.

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    I did try resetting the SMC when I experienced problems with both batteries. No dice. Thanks for the reply though!

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