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    Upgrading Memory MacBook Pro
    Hello all, new to the forums, hope all is well.

    Just a quick question and sorry if its a basic one. Im quite new to macs and have wonderd.

    Can i upgrade my 4gb memory on the new gen macbook pros? I didnt know how you would go about doing this, or if you even could?


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    Welcome to the forum. Hope you're enjoying your new MacBook Pro.

    Your machine can accept up to 8 GB of memory. That would be 2 each 4 GB modules. Quite expensive by the way. The OWC (Other World Computing) site has some very nice videos where they show how to upgrade memory and hard drives. LINK
    The memory and hard drive upgrades are "do it yourself". Not difficult.

    However, unless you intend to use your MBP for extensive graphic or video production, the 4 GB you have is plenty of memory for just about anything you would want to do including games.


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