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Thread: Macbook Pro Sleep Issues After Liquid Damage

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    Macbook Pro Sleep Issues After Liquid Damage

    I have had my 13" aluminium macbook pro for 7 months now, and around 2 weeks ago some beer got spilt on it. It was open, just for playing music, and a small amount of beer got in to the far right area of the keyboard and the vent by the hinge. It turned off and I dried it as much as i could, I left it for an hour or so and just tried it, it turned on after a couple of attempts. I then switched it off and left it for around 48 hours.

    It turns on after 2 or 3 attempts every time, and it works absolutely fine except that it refuses to wake up from sleep mode, and it takes a couple of attempts to get it to boot. A lot of people seem to have issues with sleep mode, but none of them fixes have worked. I have tried reinstalling OSX even though it is clearly a hardware problem.. Could it be the logic board? I'm considering either opening it up myself and having a look (ive fixed a few laptops in the past) or taking it somewhere to see how much it would cost to be fixed.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Any kind of spill on a notebook computer is going to cause damage - sooner or later. Beer is especially bad because of the ingredients which can cause corrosion. If you do take it on in to be repaired, it's going to be expensive - probably more than what you may be willing to pay.

    It may require a new logic board. (around $700 or more) If you have any skills in repairing notebook computers, it won't hurt to open it up and see if you can clean it up and get it going again. You've already voided your warranty with the beer spill anyway....


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    well if you bring it to apple, they are going to tell you $800 to repair because of water damage but they fix everything n make it basicaly new. for the money i would just spend $200 more and get the new MB and get urs too boot up and sell it for like $600. thats exactly what i did when i spilt iced tea all over my uni alumibook

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    Just don't sell it to anyone you know ~ or anyone who can find you!

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    Thanks for the help, think im jus gonna keep it and use it as it is until i could afford a new one!

    Theres still a chance my insurance covers it, so im gonna look in to that, if not then ill probably have a go at fixing it myself.

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