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    More ram questions
    Hey guys,
    I have a MBP (the last version before the uni-body) and its got 2gb in it and I want to jump to 4gb.
    Do have to buy 'mac' ram? I use and alot and they both have specific sections for mac ram. Will any ram work as long as the hertz are the same and its the same pin amount?

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    Try searching these forums before posting.

    This thread was only a few down the list from yours.

    Also, earlier today I answered a similar question in another section on mac-forums.

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    I spent some time on this forum and found both those posts before posting mine. Neither one seemed to answer my question, along with the multiple other message boards I have looked at. I just want to know if there is any difference between specific 'mac' ram and generic ram.

    I have upgraded many computers before, so I understand what goes into installing ram, etc. I have just never done it on a mac so I want all the info i can get before I do it.

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    I am kind of new to the whole mac thing but i have upgraded the ram in the two macbooks i bought. I just put generic ram in both of them that matched the specs for each computer and it worked fine. In fact one of the sets i bought was some hynix ram which i picked up very cheap, low and behold when i took the factory ram out of my macbook it was made by hynix anyway. So i short as long as it matches the specs generic is 100% usable in a mac.

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    as long as you stick to the specs you're safe

    there is one issue I can think of though, there are a few rams with additional cooling (passive of course) and those might be too thick for your MPB, I know I couldn't put them in since MBP ram is stacked on top of each other (in my model anyway)

    but you don't have to buy mac specific ram

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