Hello everyone,

I'm looking for your help with my problem. My problem seems to be uncommon as I've searched many forums and haven't found an answer.

so here it goes

I have a late 2008 (november) 15" MacBook Pro. This was the first generation to have LED backlighting in the LCD. The iSight has worked fine for most of it's life until a few months ago when I started to notice problems.

The problems existed before I upgraded to Snow Leopard, so I don't think that is what is causing my issues.

****** Here are the symptoms ******

Upon logging in to my admin account, when I try to launch photobooth, it gives me the message "There is no camera detected." I get this message when my I have the BATTERY INSERTED.

If I take the battery out and run directly off my power cord (I also do a SMC reset) I will not get the message right away. The camera will work, but will flicker the "no camera detected" message every now and then. Eventually it will stop working.

I then re-inserted the battery and tried draining the battery completely, and then fully recharged it. The camera worked for about 30 seconds, and then started to give me the error message again.

When the camera does work for that short period of time, the camera will appear in the system profiler.


I can't seem to narrow down what the cause is. I think I can rule out a faulty iSight, since it seems to work every now and then. Obviously it is functional. It just seems to be picky about what type of power it is receiving.

Everything else is fine in the computer. Nothing else is acting weird; including all of the USB ports.

The only thing I can really think of is that for some reason my battery is causing a problem. The battery is the original one, and is down to 74% Health with 215 cycles. I was thinking of buying a new battery, but wanted to wait for it to drop below 65%.

Here's what I've tried

I've tried a PRAM reset as well with no results.

I've done a SMC reset, with some results, but they don't last.

I've tried repairing permissions, with no results.

I've tried creating a new admin account to see if it will work under that account, with no results.

I've tried draining the battery, and then fully recharging it, with some results, but they don't last.

OS X is fully up to date , I'm running OS X 10.6.2