Hey all,

Last October, I spilt gatorade and completely destroyed my 2009 15" MBP (Unibody, 2.5 GHZ, 4 GB) It doesn't turn on. I bought a new MBP for school (complete with SCUBA gear)

Because the past holiday has left me strapped for cash and I need money for books next semester, I really need to sell my liquid damaged MBP for whatever I can get. I was going to try ebay but I have never used the site before (would have 0 feedback) and I don't have the luxury of time to bring my feedback up/play around with bids (I leave to go back to school next week).

I decided to check out cash4macbooks.com which buys damaged Macbooks in the NY metropolitan area (where I live). I called and they gave me a quote of $500. I've searched the web and have found no negative reviews on craigslist or anything about them but I am still obviously concerned about safety.

Its their policy to meet at a public place (i.e. starbucks) and they pay in cash up front. One of my major concerns is about any information I have left on the machine... they reassured me that they can upon request remove my hard drive and give it to me. Would this remove any and all information left on the machine? Is this safe? Opinions?