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    Using a macbook pro closed for extended time unadvised ?
    Hello everybody, a noob here

    I'm thinking about switching to a MBP (15" or 17", from a dell note book under vista), and it would be used most of the times as an "office computer", that is closed with seperate display and keyboard.

    I've been told on another forum that doing so is not advised as a lot of the cooling goes through the keyboard, and so that this would impair the cooling, is that true ?

    Also the noise level (that is having no noise) is very important for me, how would you rate the MBPs in this regard ?

    Another little question, is it possible to plug two external DVI displays on the MBP (in fact one display and a flat screen tv) ?

    Thanks for any info and best wishes to you all !

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    Some cooling does occur through the keyboard. Although I have not found anything from Apple specifically about this issue, I did find an Apple article describing how to do it. I suspect that if this were a problem that article would be very specific about the amoount if time spent in clamshell mode. Apple Portables: How to use your computer in closed clamshell (display closed) mode with an external display

    You can connect two external screens to the MacBook Pro though you will need some additional hardware. I reviewed one such device recently. For part of the time I had two external screens attached. I used VGA for the one of the two extra screens but that's due to the monitors I had available for testing. Here's my review of one such device ATPM 15.08 - Review: OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter.

    There are several similar devices on the market that I have not tried. If the OpenGL issue mentioned in the review is going to be a big issue for you this might be a deal breaker. I am not sure but I suspect the other devices have similar issues with OpenGL.

    BTW My 2008 Unibody MacBook Pro is dead silent most of the time. About the only time I notice any noise is when I am playing some games. I am not a hardcore gamer but even Zuma will raise the fan rpms to the point that I can hear them.

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    Hey there, iv recently bought a bookarc (its a stand that allows your laptop to sit upright and be used just like a desktop)

    I read on their website (The makers of it) that it actually improves your mac as it cools better? (dont know if this is true but thats what they say)

    Bookarc - Bookarc - Twelve South

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    Thanks for the info, the USB display adaptater looks really interesting (I thought the throughput required for a screen was more USB could handle !).

    The apple "double DVI" adaptater is made just for using the 30" screen ? Cannot be used for two ?

    Also looked at the apple page for using a MBP closed, and on the Bookarc, it makes sense that the mac would get better cooling in that position, especially from the bottom, OhDannyBoy, do you use it most of the time as a desktop this way ?

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    I used my MacBook for weeks at a time as a desktop computer in clamshell mode and it still works absolutely fine. I would not worry about that.

    I was thinking about buying one of those Bookarcs. It does seem a lot of money for a bent piece of metal, even if it does look good! I imagine it would help with cooling, but I'm sure it would take some hugely intensive programs to trouble the MBP!

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    Stands - you could make your own - compressed board and a half dozen screws;

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