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    How to backup files if Macbook Pro wont startup? All I get is a Blank/white screen.
    Hi there
    On startup of my Macbook Pro I am just seeing a blank screen.
    This issue has been discussed over and over alot of places, and I have tried alot of suggested solutions. So far none has worked.
    The furthest I can get right now is holding down ALT after switching on and then I get to choose to boot into my external HD which has the Snow Leopard installation mounted.
    From there booting into the Mac OS X installation I thought I could use Disk Utility's "Restore" funcion to backup my data, but I get an "input/output error" so thats not working.
    I have tried to connect to another mac using target mode, but the damaged mac wont appear on the other. thats just a few of the obvious things Ive tried... No matter what I do, I cant seem to get access to my files.

    Is there anybody who has a bright idea about how to get those files saved before I get a new harddrive for my mac????

    I have just heard about a program called SuperDuper!... Could that maybe be of some assistance?

    Or could some voodoo commands in Terminal maybe do magic??

    Thanks in advance

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    SuperDuper! will be of no assistance in salvaging data from a dead drive. It is a backup application.

    You can try several apps that claim to salvage data from failed drives - none of them will provide you with any guarantee and they're all in the $100 neighborhood. Bypass the apps that only work with functional drives that have been partitioned, formatted, had files deleted, etc. This is not the same as working with a failed drive.

    Here are a couple:
    Computer Data Recovery, Mac Data Recovery Software, Mac Data Rescue, Digital Data Recovery Disk for Mac - Data Rescue 3
    Micromat - TechTool Pro 5

    It really sounds to me like you may need to ship that drive off to the specialists if you want to salvage data from it.
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    Thanks - But I forgot to mention that getting the HD out of the Mac is not really an option as I cant open it because some of the screws are broken...

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