So I am needing to upgrade my computer badly. I am currently using a powerbook g4 laptop with my 5d 12.5MP camera images. I use Lightroom 2.0...
Love the tiny little powerbook and hook it to a monitor to edit; but it is terribly slow when it comes to editing. I'm used to it somewhat; but I keep thinking of how much time I could be saving rather than waiting for an image to load.

Before I drop $2,000 on a new macbook pro though, I want to ask it anyone also uses this combination and their experiences.

Of course any new computer is going to blow my current computer out of the water; but is there any delay when changing images for rendering or loading image in develop mode? Is it instantaneous changes?

I'm also going to get a 7d as a backup camera which is an 18MP camera; so I really need to make sure that dropping that money will equal a lot of time worth that much!
thanks for the help.