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Thread: Ready to make the switch, need a little help please.

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    Ready to make the switch, need a little help please.
    I have decided to join the Apple family. I was going to purchase a MBP today, but after doing some research, I have decided to wait until the 2010 models come out to see if they are faster.

    I am torn between the 13" ane 15". I like the lightweight of the 13", but am hoping that this will also be my main computer once my Dell XPS desktop dies (4 years old). My desktop is hooked up to two 24" Dell Monitors.

    I am thinking about loading Windows 7 and Microsoft Office on the MBP via Boot Camp. But, I hope that I use the MBP OS and get comfortable with the MAC.

    I do a lot of internet surfacing with a laptop on my lap when home. All my other computer usage is via VPN logging onto my desktop at work. Have lots of music saved on an external hard drive, and lots of photos on my PC hard drive.

    The 15" seems to cost so much more to me, but when you compare apples to apples there is really only a $200 price difference.

    Please help me decide when model is best for me and if I should go for more RAM or larger hard drive. Will the MBP be able to connect and work with the 24" monitors? Thanks!

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    To my mind the only two considerations are money and weight/size. In the money category, I believe in buying as much computer as you can afford. In the weight/size category you will just have to go pick them up, handle them, then judge for yourself if you will be OK with the bigger heavier machine, or will you need the smaller one.

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